Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quick Snaps

I know he's a rodent, but he's still cute. 

Speaking of rodents.  HWNSNBP was cleaning out some flower beds and came across this, this, this thing that looked kind of like a dried up banana peel with fur.

 Upon closer inspection, we figured it to be a dead squirrel that didn't make it through the winter.  Take a look at those teeth.

Sorry if that grosses you out, but I found it interesting.

This morning I tried to get some pictures of the goldfinches at the feeder.  They are "yellowing" up very quickly.

I wish I could get closer.  Until now I had never noticed that moss growing on the tree branches. 

Thanks for looking today. 


  1. Rodents is DH's dismissive comment - but when we saw chipmunks in a petshop in Paris, he thought they were pretty cute. That dead squirrel is amazing - those incisors look as if he could chew through almost anything! Isn't it lovely to see the birds moving into all their Spring finery :D.
    Enjoy your weekend - it's set to be a lovely sunny one here.

  2. From cute to yes, gross :) But wow, those chompers...

  3. CHIPMUNKS ARE NOT RODENTS: they are oober cutie pies and I want one!!

    Squirrels: Joe enjoys throwing nuts to them (they catch them in mid air) and he gets THRILLED when they come up to his feet. But after feeding them, they still decided to chew through my car's electrical wiring.

    I knew they had teeth, but I HAD NO IDEA THEY HAVE FANGS!!!!

  4. Last night my son and some other boys in his scout troop found a deer skull in the woods by the church where they meet. I know they would have love your mummy squirrel. Especially with those teeth!

  5. Kinda gross and interesting at the same time...hehehe! I have only seen squirrels about 3 times in my life. Each time I watched them for as long as I possibly could. It's amazing how quickly they move. I figured they'd have pretty big teeth to chew through nuts and things but those choppers look pretty darn scary.


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