Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Wishes

First let me wish everyone a wonderful Easter.  We are being blessed with gorgeous weather here so I know we will enjoy the day.  Here are some Easter projects that I have been busy with this week.

The first project is "The Sending of the Socks".  I have been sending my daughter and her college roommates holiday socks since they were living together at the University of Delaware.  Since then, she has added two more deserving young ladies which brings the total to five.  I love shopping for the socks (usually at the $store) and preparing a little something else to include in the package. 

That little petal card envelope contained some candies and a small whistle.  I put the envelope along with the little notepad in the layers of the socks and tied the whole thing up together as you see.  The Spring pencil was added to the padded envelope. 

This next project uses a little chickie stamp I've had for some time and a new sentiment that I picked up at One Little Spark a couple of weeks ago.  I wasn't too sure about this color combo (Cameo Coral with the Orchid Opulence) but it's growing on me.  I packaged some peeps individually.  Here's a hint for you if you do this - once you pull apart the peeps, dip the raw marshmallow sides in some rice flour so they don't stick to the plastic bag.

This next card was supposed to be an April Fool's joke about bringing deviled eggs somewhere, but  I never got it posted on April 1st.  The colors were inspired by the Color Challenge this week at SCS.  (Bermuda Gray Saffrons). 

It looks a little dull to me.  I'd love to know what you think.

The last project is a combination of a couple of things.  I was inspired by a Easter cupcake wrap I saw somewhere and a birthday one for apples.  So, you'll see mine is an Easter Apple Wrap.  Oh, and I almost forgot that this meets the Thursday's Throw Away guidelines.  I've used those paper coffee sleeves again!

I made a few of these and to save time, left off some of the flowers on the right and used less under the sentiment and they still look pretty.  The sentiment is from Well Scripted and I used the butterfly embosslit for the butterflies.  The flowers are punched from the Three For You punch and the centers are some MS beads.  Leaves are punched from the two-step bird punch.  Tombow glue and a pair of tweezers really helps when building these little "floral arrangements". 

I think this would make a great little something for someone who cannot have candy or cake.  Hmmm, I may even use this for Administrative Assistant's Day later this month.  


  1. Love that darling little Easter chick.
    The late April Fool's one reminds me of a peacock - the colour of the oval, and the eggs looking like the eyes on a peacock's tail.
    And the Sending of the Socks sounds like so much fun.

  2. Oh WOW -- all of these are FANTASTIC

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