Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Thursday's Throw Aways

You know that I send socks to my daughter's old college roommates for holidays, well, I actually found some cool socks for Earth Day (which I forgot to take a picture of) and I sent them off to the girls late last week.  I hope they will receive them in time for today. 

While I didn't get a picture of the socks themselves, I did keep the packaging that the socks came in and what better than to use them for my Earth Day Thursday's Throw Aways.

They were a nice weight of light cardboard and you can see the printed picture of the Earth on them.  I decided that I should use scraps from my scrap bin on this to keep in the theme of recycling and Earth Day. 

As you can see I had to remove the hook carefully from the top without tearing them.  That left me with a hole on the top and the hole on the front and back in the lower half came from the plastic thingy that attached the socks to the holder.  You can't see it in the picture, but there is some very small writing in the upper lefthand corner which I needed to cover. 

I used a crimped piece of cardstock to hide the empty hole at the top.  The larger writing on the front was covered with some leaves and flowers punched from scraps in my scrap bin.  The finishing touch was to add a pink cotton string.

I managed to get three of these done and I'll definitely be saving one of them for myself.  I think I'll put it out on my desk for Earth Day. 

Go Green! 

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  1. You are getting adventuresome and I love it!!! I'm no longer a blogger after NINE YEARS, but I can now VISIT and leave comments!! I still have NO card cravings. Maybe due to the fact that I'm constantly having to do hard manual labor to get my house in order. I bought a sewing machine because I hate to sew. huh? But I thought it would inspire me.......(forgetting that I was in the middle of HOUSE HELL) The end is almost in sight. And to tell you the TRUTH, after visiting every card blog I know and going "Meh. Is there NOTHING new under the sun?" I come HERE and am DELIGHTED!!! YOU will be what gets me going again....if ever. lol


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