Monday, April 26, 2010

Bluebird Update

I'm not sure if this is an old couple or a young couple but this nest is not like any other we've seen.  The nesting material that you see on the right is very high in the box and almost right up to the front opening.  There is little material under those eggs and you can see they are nestled into the lower corner.  She must like it that way!  The first picture was taken on 4-20 and the second one on 4-24.  There may be another egg but we won't know for a while as it's been raining all day and due to rain through tomorrow also. 

We haven't installed the nestcam yet.  We thought we'd let them have their first clutch uninterrupted and get used to us nosing around before we put something foreign in there. 

On Saturday we were in the garden almost non-stop from 2 to about 7 and Mr. and Mrs. Blue watched us from a distance and were very quiet.  They don't start incubating the eggs until she's done laying so that's why we're thinking there may be another one.  They usually have 3-5 eggs in a clutch.  We also wanted them to get used to having us around and trust us so she'll stay put when we do our gardening.   He'll have to feed her and there'll be a lot of chattering back and forth.  They make the sweetest sounds singing to one another.


  1. Oh my, look at those eggs. How eggsciting for you. It does look like a strange nest - not much comfort for the little ones when they hatch. I hope the parents get well accustomed to you round them. I've been watching a feed to a nest-cam of robins on our national broadcasting network. The camera must be at the top of the box, because most of the time all you can see is the mother's back, and only if she moves do you get to see the chicks.
    Those eggs are such a beautiful blue, too!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the babies when they hatch! You are so lucky having all these beautiful birds/animals around you! I loved the pic of the squirrel..I just ADORE squirrels. Saw them when I visited USA & wanted to bring them all home with me! We don't have them here:-(
    Sunshine NZ


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