Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teapot Tuesday 37

We are hoppin' holidays with teapots. Last week we had cardinals and holly leaves, this week we have bunnies and carrots. Just in time for Easter. You've got to go to Cindy's glob this week and read her story about this teapot and how she was bitten by it!!! Then you'll also understand why it looks like I have a band-aid on this card (it was a requirement to get into the front door this week).

See, my rabbit is hopping over the band-aid and trying to get away from a bunch of crazy tea-sippin', carrot-cake eating, stamp-lovin' ladies. He knows what kind of mayhem can result when we all get together on Tuesdays. Don't you love his tail? He's got his eye on the carrots, but he would be surprised to know that IRL they are trees. Yes, that's right, trees. SU's new set Trendy Trees reminded me of the carrots and their greenery. (Remember the duck debacle a few weeks back when no one here recognized my duck - well, they knew these were carrots, so I guess I can forgive them now!)

If you look very closely you will see that I've stamped Easter Wishes on the blue tabs on either side of the bunny. I took the dots from Cindy's teapot and enlarged them and partially hid them under the band-aid, so you can pretend they're either eggs or jelly beans.

Now that I'm thinking of it though, who would I send a bunny butt to for Easter?


  1. OMGosh is this ever the cutest!!! Love it!!!!!!

  2. I thought I would never get here! I had frosting all over the monitor and could not see your links! Giggle!

    Lorraine, I cannot tell how adorable this card is! I love, love, love that bunny! I love, love, love those carrot trees! You are so creative!

    Be sure to check the teapot gallery because Marilynn loved your bunny so much she cased it twice! By the way, I plan on casing it one day too! It is just precious!! And you know me, I love bunny butts!!

    Thanks for coming, frosting fight and all!

  3. Your frosting party sounds like so much fun, but when I saw that bunny, I called Joe over to my sick bed *cough* and showed it to him. Even HE said (and he's a man) "ooooh Now THAT'S cute".

    So I know exactly WHO you can send that bunny butt card to.

  4. It may be a bunny butt but it also looks like he's praying so perfect for Easter. Who knows maybe he's praying for more jelly beans to go with the carrots?


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