Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday's Throw Aways

I found this 4-pack of green mesh bags at (where else?) the Dollar Tree. I was just going to add them to my St. Patrick's Day bags as is, then I started twisting them and well, I think it looks like a shamrock. What say you?

So after I emptied bags out of the pouch this was what was left. The pouch is nice weight vinyl and the cardboard is really sturdy, though not particularly pretty. It does help maintain the shape of the pouch however.

And, as luck would have it, when I gently opened up the seam on the cardboard, it just happened to be a shade smaller than 12". That meant that I could use a nice piece of scrapbook paper to cover it. In this case I used a piece of SU's Afternoon Tea paper. I centered the cardboard between the edges of the paper because I wanted a little "wiggle room" when gluing down the paper because of all the folds. I used a glue stick to adhere the paper to the cardboard and the cardboard to the paper - meaning, I put glue on both pieces to make the bond a good one. And then I trimmed away the excess and sealed the seam with a piece of sticky tape.

As I was working on this I was contemplating what to use it for and then I remembered that I had a box on the kitchen counter with all of the "stuff" that I recently cleaned out of the console on the van that we're getting ready to trade in. I think it would be much more "organized" to have some of these things in a nice container in the car. Of course you could use it for any number of things. Some small notecards and envies would fit nicely. What would you put in it? I'd really like to know because I have three more of them!

And here we have the finished product full to the gills. Much too nice for the garbage I think!

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  1. How creative! and you used my new favorite paper, Tea Party!! Love that paper! I have it sitting here on my craft desk...I hate to use it!


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