Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Teapot Tuesday Challenge 7

Well if you like ice cream and you like chocolate this teapot is right up your alley. I know it made my mouth water.

Here is what I cooked up. I'm calling it Chocolate and Cherries. I had this cute little cherry charm that I added. What do you think? Are you craving a brownie sundae right about now?

Visit Cindy's glob to see her most delicious creation. Thank goodness these are calorie free!


  1. Hee! Now THAT is the most perfect little embellishment charm! I love your top view.....I love the wafer....the chocolate dripping down, a little hint of frosting and of course that lucious cherry! You rock...this is way cool......the top view for sure!

    Thanks for being inspired....for joining in! Love your card!

  2. very very cute! That teapot makes me hungry though.


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