Saturday, August 9, 2008

Asian Ladybug

Yesterday we dropped our van off for an oil change at the Ford Dealership - we had a coupon. Today and $800 later we have our van back. Expensive oil change, no! Of course they called this morning to say that there was a safety issue with the brakes and the serpentine belt was cracking and the air filter needed to be changed and they wanted to change the air in the tires for nitrogen (this is not a blonde joke - apparently nitrogen in the tires is supposed to be better on gas mileage but we opted not to do it). We're going on vacation in a couple of weeks so the car has to be in tip top shape.

Anyway, the story behind the card does involve the car. You see as I was waiting in the truck while HWNSNBP was dropping off the keys inside the dealership, I saw this woman standing at the counter next to him. She had on a red blouse with some black flowers and a muted background I couldn't make out through the window. She also had black pants on. I thought she looked like a giant ladybug!
So, she became the inspiration for this card. If you imagine this behind a sheet of plateglass maybe you'll see a ladybug too!
BTW - this has got to have been the hardest card to photograph that I've made. I tried my best.


  1. Oooo, really like this!! At first glance, Asian flare to me, not so much lady bug. Great card!

  2. I've had car repair visits like that myself!!! and also clothing inspirations - but I usually don't remember them by the time I get to my stamp room! This card is terrific - wonderful colors and love the flowers! have a fun trip with the tip top van!


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