Monday, April 7, 2008

Taking a Cue From Nature

Picture this cone hanging on a door knob. Don't you think it would make a cute May Day basket? My husband and I took a quick trip to the Great Swamp Nursery on Sunday morning. While there I saw these violas and loved the color combination. It reminded me of Groovy Guava and Elegant Eggplant. Since we were having our downline meeting later that afternoon and I hadn't prepared anything else in advance, I put them in the cart and on the way home, tried to come up with a plan.

I knew that I had the Guava paper and the Eggplant ribbon and originally thought I would use the Baroque stamp set. Time was not on my side with that so I got out my Swirly wheel and used that on a half a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock. I then rolled the cardstock into a cone shape and pierced a hole in the lower point to attach the ribbon with a brad. Don't be deceived, the ribbon is not in the center of the cone, it is on the side which gives it a little character I think. In the back you can see that the two sides don't meet. A hole was punched in each corner and the ribbon threaded through. I put the violas in small plastic treat bags and slipped them into the cone. I think they came out pretty good for a last minute idea.

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