Monday, June 24, 2024

ICAD Week 2 - Days 8-14

My art is all over the place - both physically and productively.  I sometimes look at the cards of others that have a certain style and wish I did too, but so far, I haven't been able to pin down any particular technique or style.  So I guess you could file me under "eclectic" which definitely came out in this week's cards.

Day 8/61 - Wave
I used Microns and White Gel Pen for this tangle and the quote by Doe Zantamata

Day 9/61 - Potpourri
Yarn ORTs (Old Ratty Threads) - Here's the back story on this one.  HWNSNBP somehow tore his cargo shorts and wondered if I could fix them.  I told him I could if he got out the sewing machine that was in the lower cabinet.  Of course, when he opened the door to the cabinet it was like a game of Jenga when you pull the wrong block out and things come flying out.  One of those things was a plastic bag full of the ORTs or yarn threads that I had saved from the rainbow fairies I made a couple of years ago.  Well, since I can't tolerate the scents of most potpourris, I used the yarn as my potpourri.  I just wrote one letter at a time with plain white glue and placed the yarn pieces on the glue with some tweezers.  What I have to do now is put the card in a plastic sleeve to prevent those letters from shedding.  That reminded me of when the kids were little and we rented a house at the shore owned by an art teacher.  She had some wonderful handmade pieces throughout the house, but she also had a bowl of potpourri in each room so the first thing that I did when we checked in was to put each bowl in a plastic bag to muffle the scent.  

Day 10/61 - Orange
Sharpie Marker, General's Watercolor Pencils, Aquapainter, Sharpie Paint Marker, Butterfly Punch

11/61 - Ferris Wheel
When we went to the Kirkside Garage Sale the morning before Rachel and boys arrived, I succumbed to the temptation and bought a couple of little bags of buttons.  Of course, HWNSNBP just shook his head and asked why I needed more buttons because he knows that I have thousands already.  So, before I stashed these away, I thought I could turn them into a representation of a ferris wheel.  I first lightly glued them to the card and then took a needle to poke holes into the card where the stitching would be.  I did this for one ring at a time starting in the center.  I sewed them to the card with some silver floss.

Day 12/61 - Ellipse
Sharpie Paint Markers
White Gel Pen

Day 13/61 - Lost and Found
Paint Skins and Felt - some other "stuff" that fell out of the cabinet

14/61 - Recipe (Off Prompt)
I couldn't decide on a recipe that I might illustrate so I went for a tangle.  This one is called Searchin by Jody Genovese.  PaperMate Ink Joy Bright Gel Pens, Zebra Sarasa Pens, General's Watercolor Pencils

I'm really struggling to get my white index cards to look white in the photos.  Trust me, they are bright white.  This is very frustrating.  


  1. It's always fun to see how you interpret the theme of the day. (as for getting your cards to look white - could you try putting them on top of something black to photograph them?)

  2. First of all, the quote is so very true. Frame that one.
    Great idea for ORTs. I've had a few lately. Therefore I could use them in my card making as well instead of tossing them. Thanks.
    I'm going to look up "Searchin" and try it in my Bible Journal.
    To get white, I use the free program "Photoscape." Use Ctrl+W, and click on the white background. Sometimes just the Auto button brings back true colors.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Yes, the paper weights came from $Tree years ago, and yes, I used them in the computer lab. Students set them on top of the desktop computer to signal they needed my help. Your Grandma Bag and Ziploc bag ideas were great ones. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Nothing wrong with eclectic! The yarn pot pourri is amazing, and buttons are always fun, no matter how many you already have. There's something of a treasure trove about a button box. I really like the lost and found, so arty.


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