Sunday, January 6, 2019

Future Family Member Birthday

I don't think I've shared the good news here - my daughter got engaged this Christmas.  We are very happy for them.  They're looking down the road to 2020 for a wedding date.  And.... today is his birthday.   

I'm not that great with masculine cards so I asked Rachel for suggestions and she reminded me that he is a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Hmmm, silver and blue and stars, right?

I found the black dsp with silver x's in my stash and searched around for some silver paper that was not too blingy and came up with this that looks like hammered aluminum.  The sentiment is also a brushed silver.  So it's definitely got a metallic thing going on, but not in a feminine way.  It's a 5 x 7 card so I had to search around for a suitable envelope - guess that will be on my list for purchases next time I hit the craft store.  


  1. Great masculine card Lorraine! I like the colours and the simplicity and elegance of it!

  2. Congratulations! So nice to have a new member of the family. Nice card that I'm sure he'll like (and, re the envelope situation...I've seen templates online to make your own, or perhaps you could use one you already have as a template?)

    1. Thanks MaryAnn. I was thinking about that myself when I was looking at last year's calendar. Too pretty to throw out, could make nice, sturdy envelopes.

  3. Big congrats to your daughter! The card is lovely.

  4. That silver paper is great - I thought you'd embossed it. I find masculine cards hard too, because a lot of my images tend to be too cute, or else flowers and birds.

    I agree on old calendars for envelopes - so long as you use a label for the address they work very well indeed. I have a very old set of HOTP templates that make 3 different sizes each in square and rectangular. The advantage of them is that you can position them on the page so that the image is in the right orientation - if it matters. DH is great with it and will cut a whole calendar's worth of envelopes for me :D. But I have to say that I got the 1-2-3 punch board with some of my SCS Moddy Christmas gift, and I'm sold on it already (it only arrived on Wednesday) because with an online calculator or downloadable app, you can make envelopes of all sizes. I just mailed a 5 x 7 card off in one yesterday. The only limitation would be the size of your paper, ha. I ended up using a very sturdy paper bag from an outdoor gear shop to make an envelope for a card that ended up much bigger than planned, and I didn't have any old calendar pages at the time, and nothing else bigger than 12 x 12.


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