Monday, January 28, 2019


I received this letter board as a Christmas gift from my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson.  I had it on my Amazon wish list which I highly recommend using.  I've been posting random (appropriate) quotes at school with it.  I highlighted appropriate because I have a tendency to be sarcastic/snarky and that's not exactly appropriate for an elementary school.  This was one of the quotes from the past week.  It was a message for the kids, but not only for the kids.  This is for anyone facing challenges. It might be the person who made that New Year's resolution and needs some encouragement to continue, a student who is struggling with a subject or a social situation, someone with a marriage that needs work, or a person with a personal health crisis.  The list could go on.  

Currently I am trying, yet again to lose weight. I had done quite well with Weight Watchers in the past but over the last year or so, I fell back on old habits and put back on what I had lost plus more.  Never a good thing.  In light of some current health issues, and generally not feeling good about myself, I rejoined and have lost a little more than 30 pounds since October.  The plan is easy but it does take continued effort but I am learning to adapt it to my life including those little celebrations that involve food.  My current plan of action involves not denying myself the slice of birthday cake, or cookies at the holidays, or lunch with friends.  Those things are part of life and I want to enjoy them, but I can enjoy them in moderation.  I don't know if I've explained it clearly, but that is my plan of attack.  Everyone has their own battles to fight and they need to make their own battle plan.

These colorful peppers below became part of my dinner recently.  I sliced the tops and bottoms off and julienned the centers.  Then using my counter top grill (which was hiding in the basement) I grilled those up along with a couple of salmon steaks.  Don't you love the colors!  The only other ingredient I added was a little olive oil.  

It was delicious.  And so was a lunch I had recently with friends at my favorite tea room.  This rose was in the flower arrangement on the table.  Those colors again..........


  1. Keep going (at your own pace) with the weight loss Lorraine. Losing 30lb since October is amazing, well done! It is SO easy to put weight on, but not so easy (or quick) to lose it. You'll get there, just take baby steps. As long as you are moving forward, that's what matters:-)
    And I love the peppers, such pretty and bright colours! (and they taste yum too!)
    The letter board and saying are a great idea! Enjoy your day:-)

  2. Oh, I must think of checking your wishlist! I love the hint of red in the little succulent. And in the peppers. I think it's easier to be moderate with an occasional guilt-free treat because otherwise where's the joy in life. An all-out blanket diet is, IMO, predisposed to fail unless one has iron self-discipline.

  3. good luck with the weight loss plan and sticking with it, no easy feat.

  4. Great letter board - it would be perfect in so many places (including my sewing room!). That rose is so pretty and made me think warm thoughts (as we head into -30C wind chill temps again tomorrow).


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