Sunday, November 25, 2018

Jingle Belles - More Figgy Pudding for the Christmas Feast

Well, with all the Thanksgiving feasting behind us, I had one more idea for another Jingle Belles card - this one a little healthier than the last.  Some holiday fruit.  Pears and strawberries fussy cut from a sheet of scrapbook paper in a filigree box made from the remnants of a fancy pastry box.  I stuck in lots of die cut greens, a twig wreath, and some self-created candles with flames.  The paper the fruit was cut from had a black background and it really popped so I thought I'd use black here hopping to get the same effect.  I edged that black paper with a glitter pen, and the sentiment is another die cut out of the pastry box paper.  

I know there's a Russian name/technique for brightly colored fruit and flowers on black but I couldn't think of it.  Originally this was to be a wreath with the pink and orange flowers from that sheet of paper also. I spent a day trying to remember the words Della Robbia, but when I looked at some photos of Della Robbia, I didn't think it lent itself to Christmas that well.   These these other dies were right in front of me on my work table and they coaxed me into using them - no shouting involved this time.  It was like putting a floral arrangment together and IRL the greens are very loose.

So now I will visit the other feast offerings at the Jingle Belles blog.  This is the last challenge for the year and I'm so grateful to Steph and Lauren for doing this all year and helping to keep a little of the crazy out of December.  Jingle Belles really do rock!


  1. Beautiful card, interesting there is a Russian name for this technique.

  2. ok, so, you realize it's we BELLES who should be thanking you for hanging out and inspiring us all year, yet again! that is TRULY my favorite thing about JB... spending the year making cards with my friends! meanwhile this is GORGEOUS missus! (& rather hilariously my SIL & i were talking on saturday about those cool harry and david fruit boxes--especially their PEARS! ♥♥♥ thanks for helping us celebrate festive feasting at JINGLE BELLES!

  3. How cool are your combination of fruits in framing your candles ... this would make an absolutely lovely centerpiece design ... so very glad you shared your holiday goodies with us at jingle belles.


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