Wednesday, August 1, 2018

ICAD 2018 - Complete

It's the first day of August and I happy to say that I am officially done with ICAD for this year.  I did fall behind a couple of times, this last week being one of them, but I hunkered down and got them all finished.  As with any lengthy project, there were some days when I wasn't particularly inspired, but I did move forward with something to get to a total of 61 finished cards (62 if you count my title card).

Let me show you the last 5 days and then pictures of the cards from each month together.

57/61 - Twister
For no particular reason, I started twisting and saving the wrappers from straws I've gotten with various drinks these last two months.  I used some of them on this card.

Prima watercolors, twisted straw wrappers

58/61 - Favorite Color
Although it's my favoriet color, it's my least favorite card.  We were away for the weekend and although I had art supplies with me, I opted to try something simple by cutting strips of a paint chip and letters from the same chip.  I apologize BLUE.  It doesn't do you justice.  I will have to think about revisiting this one.

59/61 - Staple
My goal was a 1-Staple collage using some of the ephemera that I've accumulated this summer.  It was that coffee sleeve that put a monkey wrench into that - a little too thick for one staple.  I'm being honest here.  There are three staples holding this together.  Paint chip, coffee sleeve, lottery ticket (loser of course), candy wrapper, wristband, die cuts, and a snippet from the tag on some flowers we planted in our barrel at the condo (which unfortunately just recently were eaten by something).

60/61 - Wish
The words are from a song I think those of you from my generation will remember from the Wonderful World of Disney.  

Zig Brush Markers 

61/61 - Telescope
So as I said in my Facebook post on the ICAD page - 
It's time to leave Planet ICAD. The visit here has been eye-opening, encouraging, educational, and socially satisfying. My telescope points me in the direction of more artistic explorations. Until next year.................

Prima watercolors and gel pen

Here is the collection from the month of June.

And the month of July.

I keep my ICAD's in clear, zippered pencil pouches that I found at the $Tree (the polka dots are only on one side).  Every time I come across them in the store I always pick up one or two because they are perfect for holding these cards or supplies for other small projects and being that they're clear, I can see what's in them and they are protected from the elements.  Good to grab and go too.

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