Thursday, August 16, 2018

August Birthday

Today was my sister's birthday and this is the card that I made for her.  I was in AC Moore recently and had a coupon for a 30% off all purchase coupon and it's funny how my basket just kept filling up with things like these paper flowers that were only $1 per package.  I thought they'd make a lovely bouquet with some die cut greenery.  This also gave me a chance to use a new Fishnet die. 

Couldn't send this by mail though.  So HWNSNBP dropped it off with her while doing some errands today and I was at work.  He spent some time with her and I spoke with her later this evening.  My sister has some health issues involving an autoimmune disease that came on quite suddenly in the last 3 years, complicated by what was first thought to be COPD but now diagnosed as emphysema.  This has drastically impacted her ability to get around, but, she is on new meds and doing better.  She thought I made the flowers but I fessed up and told her that they were pre-made.  


  1. Beautiful card Lorraine, and I am sure your sister loved it! Good luck to her with her health issues:-)

  2. Beautiful card, happy birthday to your sister, sorry to know about her health issues though. You make me feel like crafting!

  3. Bought or pre-made - they are beautiful and so is the card. Autoimmune diseases are awful, they're so hard to diagnose and treat and there just seem to be so many of them.


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