Saturday, June 30, 2018

ICAD 2018 - 22-28/61

This week seemed to be a little more abstract.

22/61 - Sky
HWNSNBP had come in at dusk and remarked about the number of lightning bugs, aka fireflies, that were out and so I stepped out and tried to take a picture of them but was unsuccessful.  This is sky through the trees with lightning bug trails.

Mermaid markers and gel pen

23/61 - Castle
Every castle has turrets and a sand castle should probably have turret shells.

Colored pencils and Micron pen

24/61 - Jetsons
So I decided to do a 3-D of Rosie the robot maid the Jetsons had.  I used scraps of card stock and a couple of daisy die cuts for her hat, collar, and apron.  She is stapled to the index card.

Mermaid marker background and cardstock scraps

25/61 - Tangerine
A very abstract interpretation of the segments of a tangerine.

Mermaid marker, Zig brush marker, ballpoint pen

26/61 - Meerkat (Not) 
So I thought I'd use that gem shape again (or the card that I had started with it) to make into meerkat faces and that was just not turning out.  So I opted to make them into colorful pods instead.

Zig brush markers, Micron pen

27/61 - Magic Carpet
This card is completely covered with woven washi tape.  I worked on a teflon mat which made it easy to set and lift the washi tape as I wove it.

28/61 - Garden
We don't have any lupines in our garden but we have had a comeback of the daylilies that the deer have decimated in the past.  

Watercolor pencils and Prima watercolors


  1. Your 3D Rosie is FABULOUS, so creative and fun. My favourite is the shells, but I like the firefly trail one. We don't have them here - I've seen them in Greece some years and was hoping to this year but no luck.

    And - what a great tip on weaving the tape!!


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