Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ready, Set, GO - ICAD 2018

Tomorrow, June 1st, ICAD (Index Card A Day) begins and will run until July 31st.  This will be my 5th time taking part in this challenge.  I'm planning on posting one week's worth of cards at a time, including the prompts for the week and the themes.  

It's a fun challenge run by Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow.  The rules are simple...... and there's only one.... you must use an index card to create on, not specialty paper.  It can be any size up to 4 x 6, lined or unlined, colored or white.  You can prep them with gesso or go commando.   You can follow the prompts and/or themes or not.  The goal is to create something each day.  Do them all or do as many as you can.  This is very "life" friendly.  You fit it into your life.

Don't think you are an artist?  I've seen beautiful paintings, drawings, collages, mandalas, and mixed media of all kinds and all levels of ability.   One person wrote a short story - adding a bit to it each day on a new card.  Some practice lettering skills, some write poetry, some make marks, some stack and staple.  There is no right way or wrong way to do this.  You just do it.

Grab a pile of index cards, some art supplies - whatever you have on hand....crayons, pens, highlighters, pencils, paints, anything.  I've even stamped with cherries before, and let me say that there's beauty to be found all around.  Even in the ring left by the coffee you spilled this morning.  Put and index card under your cup just in case.  Drop your used tea bag on a card and when it dries, look for shapes and patterns to highlight on it.  

Think about joining in the fun.  You can share your cards on instagram, on your blog, on the ICAD facebook page.  No stress necessary.


  1. Will look forward to seeing what you do!

  2. Happy creating! I see June seems to be a popular month for "month of" challenges, but it's never a good one for me. Not that I have the discipline for it anyway ;-).

  3. Sounds like a fun challenge but I have too much on my plate at the moment to take part. Wish I could though!


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