Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Nature-filled Weekend Pics

Friday night's sunset.  Under the eyelid of clouds.

A blink and it will sink below the purple cloud mountain.

Two doors down a hummingbird feeder hangs off the back porch.  With the screens open, I can lean out and see them clearly.

Saturday mid-morning ride down Great Bay Blvd., fishing pole in the car.  Osprey nest.

The largest horseshoe crab shell we've ever seen. (Reference the quarter on the left.)

Lot's of white birds in view.  Snowy Egrets and 

Great White Egrets.

Back home at the bay beach - what is it?

A swan.  One amongst many.


  1. From a hummingbird to an osprey! I am envious...and of that beautiful sunset.

    1. Thanks Sabrina. I wish I could've gotten a clearer picture of the osprey nest. They're still trying to make a come back here, so nesting platforms are provided to encourage them, but the platforms are often quite far from the road.

  2. "Eyelid of clouds" – love that description. I'll be watching for one now!


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