Sunday, October 15, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Days 8 - 14

So I started out the week with an ink drawing of one of the coolest kites that we saw last weekend.  I only wish I had video'd the movement of this one because it actually looked like it was crawling with all those folds and legs.  (Note to self to video if it and we are there next year!)

Looking for something in my photo files, or was it on my blog....., in any case this is inspired by a photo that I took several years back of a lonely swan sitting on the edge of the bay.  I wanted to add orange to the beak but I talked myself out of it.  What do you think?

I keep seeing these advertisements on Facebook for these name mandala necklaces and thought I would give it a try myself.  It took some measuring, but it was fun.  Hmmmm....... Christmas gifts??

So as I was getting my breakfast ready Wednesday morning there was a rather eerie pink glow outside that got my attention.  I glanced over the the east and the sky was streaked with oranges and pinks, lavendars and blues.  We have a lot of trees surrounding our house here so this is the best I could get of that colorful scene, but it served as my inspiration for my drawing that evening.

Although my trees are sans leaves, I like the way this came out using India inks for my sky.

Someone posted a photo of an osprey on Facebook.  The bird looked to me like a Halloween forebearer with his head dipped down and his right talons raised.  I really should have started this drawing higher to get all of the tail in also.  Lesson learned. 

And how was your Friday the 13th?  We had a pretty wacky one at school.  This background was made the other day with the leftover India inks from the sunrise picture.  I was looking up how to spell triskaidekaphobia - the fear of the number 13 and found that there was a word that meant the fear of Friday the 13th which was all the more relevant to that day.  A little lettering practice in ink.

October means pumpkins and so let there be pumpkins in India ink.  Some problems with perspective here and a lesson learned to thoroughly clean my brush before changing colors so I won't get that orange hue in my aqua sky again.


  1. Hi Lorraine! :) I love all of your drawings! I'm a sucker for the colour orange, so I'm loving those pumpkins, but also, I would likely have coloured his beak orange. :) The sky behind the trees is gorgeous in the photo and on ink! :) We've had a few sunsets like that lately too.

  2. These are wonderful. What a fun challenge. Love that first one of the bug kite.

  3. Oh, I LOVE those pumpkins. They always make me think of poor Linus and the Great Pumpkin and his eternal disappointment. And the kite - I recognised that straight away. It looked amazing in the photo, and from your description of it here, it really was. It made me think of some sort of bacteria.

  4. Ooh! I actually really like where the osprey is situated on the page! With his shoulders a bit hunched and his talon up, he looks like he might spring off the page at me! I'm glad he ended up exactly where he is :)


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