Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Days 15-21

After a very mild beginning of fall they were predicting our first frost early last week so I picked what was still blooming of our zinnias.  Here you have it two ways, pointillistic and colored with ink markers. 

I saw a photo of this bird, which I believe is a member of the grosbeak family and I loved the speckled breast and red accents I just had to give it a try.    

This was combined with the weekly Scribble Picnic theme - Fill in the _.  I used the assigned shape to make some flowers for a Steampunk garden.  

Mummies and ghosts!

East Point Lighthouse.  


  1. Fabulous renderings love them all! Wonderful to see them coloured in, kind of brings them to life.

    1. Thanks Christine. I know I should be taking more time to add color. I think next time I do this challenge I'll challenge myself to do that.

  2. Lovely work, Lorraine! I love lighthouses!

  3. Oh, that is one handsome bird - must pull out my North American bird book and find him. Your mummies and ghosts scribble is such fun, and the shells are really beautiful.

  4. Very nice, Lorraine. I love the birdie, shells, lighthouse and flowers. I guess that covers all of them! L

  5. Wow!!!! These are all so beautiful!!!!! I am so impressed by your drawings!!!!


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