Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stickin' it To Ya' One More Time - Jingle Belles 2017

I promised to be back with another card for the Jingle Belles challenge using stickers. I was feeling pretty crummy last night, but got it done and was hoping for some sunshine today to take a good picture, but it's been snowing off and on pretty much all day so this was the best I could do.  The snow was so sporadic that it's only left a dusting on the lawn and driveway.  It actually looks more like styrofoam pellets.  I think it's called graupel.  I left work early today to go to the doctor for yet another sinus infection, but the little snow pellets, graupel bouncing off the hood of the car when I had to stop made me smile.  I don't know why.

So now I will head over to the Jingle Belles blog to leave some comments for all the other cardmakers before I take a much needed nap.  You can come along and leave some love too.  Just click here.  


  1. We've had a lot of sinus infections going around the office at work ... must be that time of year ... I love those sweet little owls ... thanks so much for joining us with another fabulous sticker creation.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to live a comment on my blog. To be perfectly honest, BOTH of your cards for the current JB challenge are my personal favorites in the gallery! Your gold and silver reindeer card is beautiful and elegant and this owl card is super adorable!

  3. I liked your deer card, very classy indeed (I'm still having fun using that gold mesh ribbon from time to time, thank you!), but this one is just downright fun - cosy and snug and very festive.
    Eek, sorry about the ongoing sinus saga, I hope you get it cleared up once and for all soon. I've always been curious about graupel, whether it's actually snow or a snow/hail hybrid. Of course we live in a climate where, except to weather-philes, any snow is just snow!

  4. another AMAZING card made with stickers!!! it's perfection! (& YES, what a weird kind of snaw that was, i've never seen anything like it!) thanks for "sticking with us" (x2!) at JINGLE BELLES! <3


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