Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sharing Their Creativity

Before January becomes a blur I wanted to share the beautiful handmade cards that I received this Christmas.
The first card came from Dorrie.  I think it is so clever how she used that magical photo on the handstamped card base.  What a great idea!  And a very cute image too.  Thank you Dorrie!
My SU upline Debbie sent this sweater-clad bear.  He looks like he's about to give me a big hug from her!  Love that bow tie.  Thank you Debbie!

Sabrina sent me this gorgeous winter egret scene.  I saw this on her blog and immediately fell in love with it.  Was I ever happy to actually receive it!  Sabrina is working as a designer for Art Neko stamps and doing such wonderful work.  Thank you Sabrina!

Jingle Belle Lauren created this card for me.  She is also on a design team for Eyelet Outlet and she is such a gifted mixed media artist.  Her snowflake mandalas are totally awesome, and that beautiful watercolored background just takes my breath away.  Thank you Lauren!

Oh, and let me not forget the handlettering that she did on the envelope for the card!  Yes, I said HAND lettered! 

This cute little snowman and bird came all the way from New Zealand from my blogging friend Sunshine.  There aren't any snowman down there at this time of the year.  I think this one needed to come to the northern hemisphere to avoid melting and I'm glad he did.  And I'm also glad he brought along his little pink friend.  Thank you Sunshine!
And thank you also for these clever little paper angels.  You can't tell from the picture, but they come flat and you criss-cross the wings at a slot in the back making them 3-D.  I just love them!!!

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  1. You received some beautiful cards, Lorraine. Thanks for sharing them with us. You're right about that deer photo being magical! I'm afraid January became a blur here a couple of weeks ago already.


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