Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Tangles

I'm hurriedly posting these so I can get started on my ICAD's so I apologize for the sometimes crooked photos.  

May 1 - Nipa/Official Zentangle

May 2 - Lit Bee/Yu Ru Chen
May 3 - Cubes/Theresa Beebe
May 4 - Hollyhock/Jason Lau

May 5 - K-Lees/Sharon Robinson
May 6 - Curly Q/Diana Lachance
May 7 - Milian Air/Staub Korn
May 8 - Weights/Theresa Beebe

May 9 - NiaKay/Erika Kehlet
May 10 - Reencuentro/arlos Cano
May 11 - Dessus-Dessous/Genevieve Crabbe

May 12 - Fluxogee/Hanny Waldberger
May 13 - Hibir/ME (based on a photo of a building in Dublin photographed by Sabrina on her way to work. I'll show the step-outs in a post later this week.)
May 14 - Ginili/Randi Wynne-Parry
May 15 - Dancing Duo/Tricia Long

May 16 - Downstream/Erika Kehlet
May 17 - No-No/Indrani Novello
May 18 - Allusion/Lila Holter

May 19 - Skye/Margaret Bermner
May 20 - Triangulation/Betsy Wilson
May 21 - O2/Author Unknown
May 22 - Sun Sun (33)/Moze Wu

May 23 - Ellish/Official Tangle
May 24 - Kreisig/Silke Wagner
May 25 - Lenche/Anita Aspfors Westin

May 26 - Shnek/Bunie Galerie
May 27 - Raffz/Vikki Howard
May 28 - Preston/Lila Holter
May 29 - Triline/Anja Meeter

May 30 - Charris/Lila Holter (done in red, white and blue for Memorial Day - I thought it looked like sailboats)
May 31 - Ur Chen/Tricia Long

There's a fairly new site that I've been frequenting for new patterns called Pattern Collections. If you're a tangler or even if you just want some inspiration for your artwork check it out.


  1. There is something about filling up those little boxes . . . love these!

  2. I always enjoy seeing your tangles and admire your diligence in sticking with them so consistently! My favourites here are the hollyhock and Skye - which has something of the feeling of knitting to it. Fascinating following the thread through but it must have been hard to draw. Made me think of the time I copied a Celtic knot motif from my sister-in-law's wedding dress in icing for her wedding cake, it took forever getting all that over and under interlacing right!! I like the shape of Ellish (23rd), makes me think of a Manta ray.


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