Monday, June 13, 2016

First Week of June - A Little Catch Up

The first weekend of this month HWNSNBP and I had a few things going on starting with that first Saturday.  My plan was to get a head start in the morning and take my "boxman" to the Kirkside garage sale.  Since my goal at home is to purge things I was careful not to pick up things that I really didn't need at this time.  I picked up two clear glass canisters and a package of graphic coasters all for less than 75 cents which went into the box (and honestly, I really didn't need them but for 75 cents it was worth breaking my self-imposed moratorium).  Then I spied this old cardboard box with the words "table tennis" on the outside.  I got that look from "the boxman" as I gravitated towards it.  I know, and he confirmed it later, that he was thinking that this was just a box of junk.  But as it turned out it was quite a find.  The net and the balls were okay, but the 4 sandpaper paddles were like a gold strike. My husband and his buddies play beer pong...... the original beer pong, not the kind where you throw the ball at the cup.  They play doubles ping pong with four cups on the table, alternate serves and drinking when the cup is hit during play.  They take this very seriously.........the pong and the drinking.  What did we pay for the box?  50 cents!

His plan for later that day was to open up the pool.  And when he took the cover off this little guy was staring up at him.  It's an above ground pool so we're not sure how he got in there except to say that after looking up frogs, it appears that this is a tree frog, so I supposed he could have fallen from a tree onto the cover and found his way in.  

He looks a little more at home in the weeds.

This was taken passing the home of a coworker who lives just around the corner from us.  Her yard was full of wild phlox this spring.  This picture doesn't do it justice.

The colors of the elements on the card below were really much prettier IRL.  I was in such a hurry to get it in the mail that I neglected to check my photo.  The greens and pink are so much more vibrant than they appear here. This was done with pieces I found in my scrap box - something I've been trying to go through and use up.

And in some stores now - Ranier cherries - my favorites!

We have 5 more eggs in the nest box.  Glad to see that the bluebirds are keeping busy this year!

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  1. Using up scraps is always a win!! I'm thinking it must have been quite hard for you to restrict your purchases so severely, I always think you come home with such a trove of finds after those sales.
    But most of all I love the frog photos, especially the second one when it almost looks like stone. I've never seen a tree frog in real life.


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