Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Keeping Up - Birds and Breakfast

Mr. & Mrs. Blue have become regulars at the suet feeder.  In fact, HWNSNBP is feeling the pressure of keeping it filled up.  Not only are the birds interested, but there is a local raccoon that will have at it in the night.  So, every evening he takes it down, puts it in a plastic bag, and stores it in his truck. Then every morning before he goes to work he takes it out and rehangs it for the birds.  And should he forget and leave for work with it still in the truck, well, when I go out to my car, the birds are there in the trees and are very vocal about not having their breakfast at their ready.

We made a quick trip to the condo this weekend before visiting with the grandbaby and new parents. The swans in the refuge behind us were all over the place.  I counted 14 that I could see, but there were more white birds in the distance which were either more swans or herons and egrets.

These two were standing in the shallow water and their shapes and necks are just so pretty.

We did venture out to the island and up the north end to the lighthouse, picking up pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwiches (it's a Jersey thing) for breakfast on the way at the Inlet Deli.  Our intention was to eat outside, but it was much to windy and a tad bit too cold.  The wind at the lighthouse was even more ferocious and there were no birds to photograph so we turned around and headed back.

And speaking of breakfast - Last week it was our office's turn to host what we call Fat Friday.  (It's what our school does each Friday which amounts to a breakfast/brunch spread for those that participate.  When you participate you choose a Friday that you and your group supply the treats and you can partake of the treats each Friday if you have signed up for a turn.)  So we had chosen this past Friday - Tax Day here in the US - and used a money theme for our table.  This did make for a busy week after work preparing all this stuff, but it was all delicious and well received.

There was lots of "dough" in the bagels.  "Greens" in the quiches.  I made some "bringing home the bacon" puffs and my new favorite cookie - browned butter brown sugar cookie$ in the cookie jar. The custodian baked a "rich" chocolate cake, and I made a "millionaire" pie.  The table was strewn with mini $100,000 bars and Hershey "treasures".  We also had cheese and crackers, grapes, juices, popcorn, pretzel rods, and some sticky cinnamon rolls.  It was a good feast.

Here is the link to the cookie recipe - Brown Sugar Cookies
Here is the link to the puffs - Brown Sugar and Bacon Puff Twists
Here is the link to the pie - Millionaire Pie


  1. What a beautiful collection of photos. Love the swan ones!! And maybe some day I'll get to see bluebirds in real life - one can dream.
    And as you know, I take a lot of sign photos so between the sign per se and the lighthouse - I'm going to love that one too!

    Those cookies look good - it all sounds delicious.

  2. I so like Mr. & Mrs. Blue. I bet they do get upset if the food is forgotten. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I know you are enjoying that new baby!

  3. You are so wonderful to the birds. Beautiful photos of the bluebirds and the swans.



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