Monday, April 25, 2016

Birds, Babies, Birthdays

Do you think she knows that we're watching her?  Sure looks like it here.

Surprise, surprise!  Friday morning the eggs began hatching.  That little one wore the shell on it's head for quite a while.  I had to leave for work so I didn't see the rest of them hatch.  But they all did.

HWNSNBP was prepared.  He had already ordered 5000 mealworms - LIVE mealworms.  They come in a muslin bag,

In wads of newspaper that he carefully takes out of the bag OUTSIDE.

And dumps them into a plastic shoe box with a layer of oatmeal and maybe one or two slices of potato to keep them fed.  They cannot climb up the sides. THANK GOODNESS.

And actually, they're not slimy.  They are smooth and harmless and I have no problem myself picking them up. Just don't put a spider in front of me!  He'll take a couple dozen of them up to the garden to the mealworm feeder each evening (and morning when he's not working).  The mealworm feeder is a wooden box with plexiglass on the front and entry holes on each of the sides. The lid lifts up for you to drop the worms in.  The side is plexiglass so the birds can see them. They can fly into the hole on the side, gather up several worms and fly out again.

Here are the babies at four days old.

And here is another baby at two weeks!

His mommy had a birthday this weekend.  Moving around my stuff during our renovation I came across some of the leftovers from the centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner so now was a good time to put them to use.

But darned if I couldn't put my hands on the sequins I wanted to add to this.  Oh well.  I'm sure they'll show up some time.


  1. Mmmm, So pretty.

  2. Oh my that grandson is beautiful!!! . . . the worms not so much.
    My son did a science experiment that involved mealworms years ago - yuck. I think it is just having so many of them at one time that gets me. Fun card!

  3. Oh, how delightful! I'm so happy you have baby blues as well as your beautiful grandson. What a gorgeous card, it definitely reminds me of the wedding colours and theme.
    Mealworms - hmm, I just buy the freeze-dried ones. I'm not particularly squeamish, but I think I'll pass on the live ones!

  4. Lot's of cute babies! And the card is gorjuss - love the colours:-)
    (I'm not even mentioning the worms!)

  5. I would love to have a camera to watch the baby birds hatch. What a great idea.
    And your grandson...what can I say. He's just so beautiful!
    Love the card.


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