Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lighthouse Challenge 2015 - Our Beautiful World Weather

We didn't get the start that we wanted today.  Circumstances from the night before caused us to change plans a bit.  And then choices were made en route during the day based on other circumstances that arose along the way.  

We intended to start at our favorite lighthouse (East Point) and work our way back north, up the coast.  However, HWNSNBP wanted to take the long route there so that we could stop at a couple of places that we had before to do some "fall" shopping (pumpkins and seasonal veggies/fruits).  And then, since we were passing our usual starting point, we decided last minute to stop there.  That would be at Tinicum Lighthouse in Paulsboro (ABOVE).  

And then, as I mentioned, we moved along, skipping the second lighthouse (Finn's Point).  This stretch, between one and three is a llllllllllloooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggggg drive, but it goes through some pretty interesting little towns and our goal was to stop at a farm stand we had stopped at several times before.  Well, the farm stand was OUT OF BUSINESS.  Yes, we went all that way out of the way for it and it wasn't there anymore.  But we continued on knowing that there would be others along the way.  It just took us a very long time to find one after that.

We got to East Point and the tide was out just enough to let us walk out along the bay (the Delaware Bay).  The last time we did the challenge (two years ago) the tide was out even more and we found lots of sea glass along that stretch of beach, but not today.  HWNSNBP did find what he claimed to be the biggest Horseshoe Crab shell that he'd ever seen though. 

Yes, and a handful of shells.  And I think it probably was the biggest I'd ever seen.  But boy, did it smell bad!  There was no way that that was coming home with us!

And since we were able to get to that little stretch of sand, I was able to get my pictures from there also.  A plus since the area that is cleared around the lighthouse doesn't give one enough space to get a full picture of the building.  And I think the grass in front does add even more interest to this.

This is my favorite lighthouse to photograph.

From there was another long stretch of travel.  We did find a farm stand on this stretch and before we got to the next light house in Cape May, we stopped for lunch at the Lobster House there and had a wonderful meal out on the dock.  From there we drove down to Sunset Beach (the southern most part of NJ) and I did a little shopping in the gift shop there.  Then we moved on to the Cape May Lighthouse.

Inside the fenced area on the lighthouse property was an entrance in the local Scarecrow contest which was pretty cool.

And outside the rest area, where the flagpoles are, you could see that there was quite a brisk breeze by the looks of our NJ state flag.   The weather was cool, but beautiful.  Breezy, but not blow you down wind.  The theme of Our Beautiful World this week is weather and it was cool, but beautiful and breezy, but not blow you down windy.  

Once we left the lighthouse there, we went into the town of Cape May and made some quick stops at some shops in the outdoor mall there.  I always check out the Scandinavian shop (got some beaded garland for Christmas there), the Cape May Peanut Butter Company (got some butterscotch peanut butter there), Kohr Brothers frozen custard (couldn't leave without a pumpkin/cinnamon custard cone), and Louisa's Chocolate Shop (where I picked up a bag of Bequet Celtic Sea Salt Caramels that will hopefully last me until Christmas).  

Then we headed north to North Wildwood and the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.  This is the view from the concrete walk along between the ocean and the lighthouse.   

Not surprisingly, there were no butterflies today - too cold, but there were still some plants blooming.

And of course, as is our "tradition", I took our picture reflected in the gazing ball, which even if the ball were brand new, would still probably not be the greatest.  

The next portion of the journey was going to be about 1-1/2 hours and HWNSNBP generously allowed me a little nap in the car as we headed toward Long Beach Island and our friend "Old Barney".  This boat(?) was just coming in the channel and had just passed the lighthouse.  We have no idea what it's purpose is, but it docked not far from this point.

And as the sun was setting in the west, it illuminated the back of the Barnegat Lighthouse which stood out dramatically against the blue sky and clouds.

By the time we got to the condo, this is what remained of the sunset for the day.  The shades of orange and purple in the sky and the neutral tan of the grasses wasn't as dramatic as some of the sunsets of the summer but it was the perfect ending for an October day.

I have some more odds and ends pictures from today that I'll post at a later date.  But for now, please take a look at the weather photos from around the globe at Our Beautiful World.  


  1. Awesome, I love lighthouses and have been to the one at Cape May, thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  2. Such interesting photos you've shared! Thanks so much for joining us this week at OBW!

  3. I always enjoy your lighthouse trails - it looks like you had great weather (and tides!) this year. The East Point looks great from that angle, and the foreground grass really does add a lot.
    I have never even heard of that crab before, let alone seen one - it looks quite amazing. I can imagine the smell, though - it's probably the same as any other dead crab!!


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