Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Last of the Cards and "Marshmallow Day"

As I mentioned earlier, I fell a little short with my Jingle Belles challenge cards and thanks to this beautiful candle die, I was able to pull together the remaining cards I needed for this year.  I stamped the background with both VersaMark ink and Marina Mist stamped off once to give it that foggy look.   And then, after I cut out all the components, assembled the candle and greenery.  The centers of the flower are dabs of liquid paper (the crafty kind, not the office supply type).   Don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the drip part of the candle was cut out of glossy white paper to give the candle some dimension.    You can see below that my dining room table is a mess with cards.  HWNSNBP and I have an agreement that since I make the cards, it's his job to sign and address them...... and even pick out who gets which one once I've gone through them for the personal ones that I need.  

And speaking of a mess, Sunday was "Marshmallow Day"......... well at least here in this house.  The making of the marshmallows doesn't take that long really.  And the recipe is simple (find the link in this post).  There's just some lengthy waiting for them to set up, so I usually let them sit overnight and get a fresh start in the morning.  So I guess you could say that it's a two-day job. 

Anyway, I made a large batch each of the vanilla and the cinnamon and have divvied them up for distribution to Physical Therapy, my spine doctor's office, and for school.  There happily is a little to spare for home.  This is working out quite nicely since there is no bending involved in  making these and I'm not on my feet that long either.  I'll be making half batches of each tomorrow for some more gifts that I need for some dear friends.

Well, the tree is almost complete....... waiting for HWNSNBP to finish up with the bigger ornaments on the bottom.  And once that's done I have another little decorating project to tackle this year which I hope to share soon.  He keeps telling me that he wants everything to be done by Sunday night so we can sit down and enjoy it for a few days before Christmas and just maybe that might happen this year. 

Speaking of Sunday night, they're advertising the Sing-a-Long Sound of Music to air then.  Believe it or not, I actually went to a live, in the theater Sound of Music Sing-A-Long with my good friend JT and it was a lot of fun.  Truth be known, I usually do sing-a-long even when the words aren't on the screen at home.  We just won't have the props that they had in the theater.  

If you're in the neighborhood and want to sing-a-long with me, I'll be here and there'll be marshmallows......... just sayin'.


  1. OH I have such happy memories of those mashmallows! Your cards, and your treats, are lovely!

  2. Beautiful cards, Lorraine - they look like a great one to make multiples to round off what you need. It's years since I've made marshmallows myself, but I've enjoyed yours. And I like both your photos - the process and the display.

    I wish I could be in the neighbourhood and come along for the sing-along. We listen to a music quiz on the radio, and one of the questions this week (it was the final) was to name any two of the children. Not one of the panellists got it. I did not badly, I think I could name 4 for sure and guessed another one.

  3. I don't know which sounds like more fun . . . Marshmallow Day or Sound of Music Sing-A-Long?


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