Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sending Sunshine and Peacocks

I sent another Bag of Sunshine.  Our USPS mail lady at work has been out for several weeks now under the weather so I thought I would send her some sunshine to cheer her up.  It was good to hear back from her that it worked.  My thoughts are with her as she recuperates!

And this card below went to a blogging friend who now lives in Florida.  I mentioned her a few weeks back when I shared the card she made for me.  I also sent her some solar powered flying pigs.  She's had some serious health issues and I just thought those pigs would be good for her.  I chose to put a peacock on her card because someone once told me, and I can't say if it's true or not, that peacocks roam wild in Florida, or at least in some places in Florida.  I sure hope that she has free roaming peacocks instead of free roaming alligators!  

It's been a busy time around here preparing for a small 60th birthday party for HWNSNBP so my creatives juices have been at a trickle.  Hope to be back in the swing soon.


  1. I lived in Florida for a few years . . . I can't say if they are free roaming, but that is where I saw my first peacock. (Not to many of them roaming around where I grew up in Iowa). Love the cards! Good luck with your party!

  2. The chevrons are a great pairing with that sun image - and I'm sure your mail lady really appreciated all that sunshine and care.
    I love the colours in the peacock card, the pink flowers look wonderful along with the blue. Our best friends live across the road from a big park, and sometimes have peacocks from the park fly over and land on their garden wall. But oh, the noise they make - I remember it from way back in my single days when I sometimes used to stay with them.


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