Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jingle Belles - Tis the Season to *Jingle*

We had a wonderful sketch to work with this time and one other requirement - to add some bling.  

I've had this glittered snowflake sitting on my work table since Christmas.  It, and the green ribbon on the card were part of a decoration on a gift I received from one of the students at my school.  His mom happens to also be a stamper and she decorated the package so beautifully I almost did not want to open it.  

There are times when something just looks so right you hate to spoil it.  I find that happens with certain times of the day and when the light is just right.  It might be outside or inside, but I know that I can take a look around and just feel so happy that it looks so wonderful at that moment.  I try to take a mental photograph to remember it.  It can be fleeting or last until let's say, a cloud passes overhead, or the sun sets, or even when the seasons change.  

Strange to say that would also refer to how a package is presented, but if you follow what I'm trying to say I think you can understand.  

Keeping the package intact would not have been possible in order to enjoy the contents (which I did by the way), so saving the pieces was the next best thing.  It's just a wooden snowflake generously glittered, but it was too pretty to toss away.  

I decided to use a snowflake embossing folder on Crumb Cake and then I swiped it with my Gold Encore ink pad.  the ribbon is layered onto a strip of gold foil paper.  I took this out of the package for the first time and thought that it really had nice weight to it, it almost felt like foil.  Then I cut it on the paper cutter and it was then that I realized that there were two sheets and I had just cut both of them (this is when I smacked myself in the head!).  

The snowflake was pretty blingy but I thought the card needed something else.  So I went through my stash of jewels and things and found this green swirly one that I believe came from the dollar bin at Mike's when it was still a dollar bin and not yet the $1.50 bin.  (That price increase still peeves me.)

The card base is Chocolate Chip and I'll add the sentiment inside.  

Thanks to the wonderful sketch this went together pretty quickly.  I missed the last Jingle Belles challenge because I was busy preparing for HWNSNBP's 60th birthday party.  Now that that's done, I hope to get back to more card making.  

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  1. Lorraine, this is just beautiful! I love the glittery star against the greens and golds, it has a great vintage look. I'm curious that you say you swiped the kraft with Encore Gold. Do you find it dries? I think that I gave up using it except with embossing powder because I found it never dried - but that matt antiqued look you have is wonderful.

    1. Sabrina, after checking just now it appears that it hasn't yet dried and it's been over a day. Another side effect I fear is that the jeweled swirl is not sticking to those areas either. I'm wondering if I try to heat set it if it will help.

  2. oh! my! gosh!!! ok, so i have nooooooo right to expect a holiday card OR to choose which one i get... but if i was the kind of pushy person who did that sorta thing i'd be shouting, "DIBS!!!!!!" right now! :) :) :) seriously, missus, this is FAB♥U♥LOUS and also a wonderful tribute to the present-wrapper whose bounty you saved! brilliant (in every sense, lol!) take on both the sketch & the bling! so pleased you could hang out with us at JINGLE BELLES and TTS this time!

    ps: i recently came across this kurt vonnegut quote, which i've been thinking about (& trying to enact!) ever since... "I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is'." so i really went, "wow" when you said that about the package! ♥

    pss: happy happy happy 60th to THE MAN!!! and many happy returns! (even if he clearly was a bit of a cradle robber!!!!! ;) :) :)


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