Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yellow Everywhere

Those male goldfinches have really brightened up!

On Sunday we took our bikes to a local park with a bike path along the river.  The Marsh Marigolds were all over the place but what really caught my eye were the Trout Lilies.  They are also called Dogtooth Violets but they are not a true violet.  The root is supposedly shaped like a dog's tooth.  I prefer calling them Trout Lilies as the leaves remind one of brown or speckled trout.

We also spied patches of Bloodroot - their pretty white flowers with yellow centers.  If you were to break the stem or dig up the root you would see the red sap that gives them their name.  I would not advise this however, as I've read that it can cause sores that take a very long time to heal.

The only surviving Forsythia that we have in the yard is inside the garden.  We used to have some between our property and that of our neighbor but the deer, who are not supposed to like this plant, apparently love it.  Fortunately the fence provides some deterrent to them.

And of course, there are daffodils coming up all over.  These are some that HWNSNBP cut from the garden.  They can't be seen from the house, so they're meant to come in.  We've got many different varieties all over the yard - white, yellow, some with orange, some with salmon pink - as the deer do leave these alone.  We had 80º temps this weekend but there may be a freeze tonight so I hope they don't get frozen before we have a chance to enjoy them some more.

What's blooming in your neck of the woods?

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  1. What a beautiful Spring!!!! I love getting a peek at what is being born during this time of year!!!! Those goldfinches are gorgeous...please tell them there is a nyjer feeder waiting for them here in Denver if they would like to visit ;)


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