Saturday, March 1, 2014

There Be Pigs!

Catch a flying pig and put it in your pocket, save it for a snowy day...........

Well it may not be snowing today, but it is time for pigs to fly!!!!!!

My Flying Pig card for this year - a tee-pee card with the message to Imagine the Possibilities.

Complete with a curly tail.

A little etsy purchase I treated myself to.  A pincushion that came in such a cute bag.

This card and beaded letter opener I received from my friend Dawn in North Carolina.  Dawn participated in "Pigs on Parade" a couple of years ago.  She makes such beautiful cards and I see that she has become quite a beader too!  Thank you Dawn!

Though not a flying pig - this slice-formed pig was something I picked up at Crate and Barrel after the holidays.  With the markdown I couldn't resist it.  Took me about an hour to assemble the other night.  I'm thinking it will be pretty easy to add wings.

And this last one for today was found at Home Goods.  I had a gift card from a student that I hadn't used and it was between this white one and a pudgier teal one.  Since I didn't know where I'd put the teal one, this one came home with me.  I just love it when I can get in the car with a bag and tell HWNSNBP that I didn't spend a dime!

I'm sure I'll find more pigs to share over the weekend - they seem to be magically multiplying.

I hope you are enjoying Pig Day and I hope that you will take the Flying Pig message and continue to  "Imagine the Possibilities".  I know it's not always easy.  But just think of how much freer you'll feel if you let the negative go and let the positive lift you!


  1. You and your pigs. I find it SO sweet. My pig sits at the feet of three xmas angels that I keep out all year. I will never lose that little piggie.

  2. YAY pigs!!!!! I need to mark this day on my calendar so I don't miss it again!!!!!! Thank you for the adorable, amazing, fantastic, feel-good pig!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! It is looking right at me in the craft room - reminding me to imagine the possibilities!!!! xoxoxox!!!!

  3. As you know, life is busy here and Flying Pigs hadn't crossed my radar; it was such a surprise and delight to find my pig in the mail the other day.
    That little bead on the letter opener is just adorable!!

  4. I got my piggy. Thank you so much. I have them all on a shelf. Hugs and much love.


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