Saturday, March 8, 2014

Looking Up

Things are looking up.  We had a little tease of Spring today with temps reaching 57º even though much of the ground is still snow covered.  And looking up through our kitchen skylight I caught a glimpse of this lovely bluebird.   With the morning as clear as it was it made me think that if bluebirds flew upside-down we wouldn't be able to see them.

And......... he couldn't stay away from the suet feeder.

Speaking of looking up, I was in the parking lot at school after work the other day and was talking to the substitute nurse we had that day and this (below) caught my eye.  Atop one of the dead trees adjacent to our parking lot there appeared, to me, to be a owl.  I pointed it out to the nurse and she agreed with me.  We both looked through my camera lens and commented at how still it was.  I quickly snapped a couple of pictures as she pulled away.

And when I got home and used the computer software to zoom in..................

It's just the top of the dead tree.   

And you know, when I showed HWNSNBP the first picture in the camera and asked him what he saw he said "a dead tree".  

Sure did fool me.


  1. Well - I saw an owl.
    And I've more than once been fooled by rubbish in the river looking like a heron.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely blues!

  2. I miss my birds so much. The only way to tell when it turns from winter to spring down here is the joyful day the snowbirds go home.

  3. Heh, heh. In my neighborhood we see many falcons and hawks. Not too many owls, though! I LOVE your bluebird photos! Lucky you!!

  4. Yeah . . . signs of Spring!!! I remember growing up in the Midwest when the temps hit 57 we put on our shorts. That is now the temperatures that I put on my winter coat. The dead tree story reminds me out of something from the comic strip "Pickles". I hope those temperatures stay that warm.


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