Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Most Wonderful TIme of the Year?

There are those TV commercials from one of the office supply chains that shows parents dancing through the aisles, happily purchasing notebooks, pencils, and basketloads of school supplies for their children all the while the background music playing "it's the most wonderful time of the year."  Their faces are contorted with silly grins while their children frown and pout.

The weatherforecasters have deemed Labor Day weekend as the unofficial end to the summer.  All day Saturday I heard this not just from the Weather Channel, but on regular newscasts also.  

They had to point out that the sun is setting earlier and earlier.   Summer is over, summer is over.  Let's make sure everyone knows.

Yes, fall is on the way.  And today our staff reported back to work.  While some were happy to be back there were those that lamented the fact that summer was over.  They were definitely not singing "it's the most wonderful time of the year."  

I would be singing a little different tune.  Namely, "it's the busiest time of the year."  I would put last week and this week ahead of the Christmas rush even.   It's not as though I wasn't working all summer because we do work in the office.  But there are some things that just cannot be done until just before the start of school.  And one can never count on things like....... 7 new students registering last week.  

So while we did go on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I've also had a bit of self-imposed vacation from this blog.  Things should settle down in another week or so and I hope to be getting back into a more "creative" schedule.  

Until then, here are some more pictures of those wonderful birds we were privileged to get close to while we were away.

When I looked back at all the pictures of this bird I thought it really must be one-legged....

The he got an itch and the second leg appeared.

This one seemed to be dancing with it's reflection.  First to the left.....

Then to the right.

Just look at those green legs!

One never knows what you will find by the side of the road.  Like this group of young female mallards.  

We were literally just about 6 feet from them.


  1. I hope things settle down soon for you. This is our third week of school and I think we are finally getting to that point.
    In some ways I hate to see summer end - I love our triple digit heat and sunshine, but I also love Fall - so I will make the best of it. Unfortunately where I live Fall is very short and subtle. I imagine where you are it is beautiful. I grew up in Iowa - and miss that time of year so much.
    I love the green legs!!!!!

  2. How lovely to see these! I think the fifth one is my favourite - I really love the reflection. The first one reminds me somewhat of something we saw in France last year, or is it just a young bird. And in the fourth picture, that must surely be a small bird flying across even though it looks so much like a butterfly.
    Back to school is a mad time everywhere, I think! I hope that after the initial mania it settles down, and that this year will be easier than last.


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