Monday, June 11, 2012

Stamping Get Together - New Catty Products!

 At our most recent Stamping Get Together our fearless leader Debbie found some awesome projects for us to work on using some of the products from the new Stampin' Up catalog.

We used a new die for the shaped card below also incorporating a new stamp set and some paper and ribbons, and the green leaves are stamped with ink from the new stamp pads - wow!  Great coverage for those solid stamps now - can't wait to make the transition.

Another project using the die is this little holder and set of cards.

(Bonus points if you noticed the pearl out of place above.  I only noticed it after I took the photos - it belongs on the little yellow flower on the card above!)

I love, love, love the way these cards came out.  The papers and the images are so interchangeable and that was evident as all of us picked and chose to do them all different ways.

One of our lovely stampers, Carol, made these too cute origami dress cards for all of us (and with the handmade hanger too!).  I think she's vying for the Princess Origami title!!!

This cool little 3-D project is meant to be used as a pin cushion on top and inside you can add whatever your heart desires - candy, sewing notions, buttons, candy, ribbons, candy, etc.  (It was full of candy kisses which did not last long in this house!)

Debbie let us choose from her stash of SU fabrics for the tops and we all added one of the new buttons.
Great idea Deb!


  1. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful inspiration! I didn't get the bonus points...and if I confess, I still can't find the pearl! :) I have to go find a canning jar and see if I can make that adorable candy jar! What kind of "filling" is under the fabric????

  2. I don't think I'd have noticed the pearl if you hadn't mentioned it. I hate it when you only spot something after you've taken and edited the photos! The little notecard holder and notecards are lovely - so is that origami dress; it has a great period feel to it.
    Thanks to the little "petit four" I can always find a pin on my desk these days, so I can see that those jars could be very useful indeed. Buttons, I think, is what I'd put in :D.

  3. I finally got around to making TWO cards and I put them on my blog in two separate posts. Now I have to clean up the table because Joe now uses MY table to roll cigarettes. NOT FAIR!

  4. Wonderful - I especially like the origami dress. I am going to have to fold some of those. Have a great day!


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