Saturday, June 2, 2012

Historical Society Tea at the Cox House

On Saturday, May 19th two of my very good friends joined me at the Cox House in Barnegat for a tea sponsored by the local Historical Society.  The building is owned by the Township and the Historical Society is lucky to have it at their disposal for events when needed.

I was in awe of the three dimensional ship displays that they had framed.  One of them was hanging in the Library, which was also the room that we ate in.

The other was upstairs in a room not being used, and as you can see was not mounted but sitting on the floor being stored there.

Also upstairs was a fairly newly refurbished bedroom that had beautiful trompe l-oeil portholes which really did fool the eye, but not the camera so much.

Our lunch was delicious with an assortment of savories and sweets and our choice of tea.  Oh, and there was a chocolate covered strawberry for each of us.

In the downstairs alone, there were five clocks.  The one with the glass front hanging on the wall had a date of 1894 inside the glass.

This last picture is of a table that I spied across the room from where we were eating and was intrigued by the heart shape formed at the bottom (this is for you Clare).

It was a nice relaxing luncheon with terrific company and wonderful staff who were there to answer all of our questions and take care of our every need.

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  1. That first ship is amazing - from your write-up it's 3D, but it looks like a painting! I particularly like the long-case (grandfather) clock. We were at an exhibition of trompe l'oeil over the weekend, so it's interesting to see the porthole. And that food looks just scrumptious!!


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