Friday, March 30, 2012

The Search Is On

This flying business takes a lot of practice.  I hope I don't get stuck here.  I think I'll try again.

Ahhh.  That's better.  I can see a lot from here.

Oh yeah!  Looks like a good place to land over there.  I might be able to get a little bath in before the parade.

Well, I guess I was wrong about that.  This is bone dry.  Let me circle back a little.

Oooh, this is wet, but it looks like a lot of yucky stuff in there too.  Maybe I'll just check out more of the sights like that roof over there.

This actually looks like a pretty neat place.  You know I don't mean clean neat.  After all, I am a pig you know.  Let me see if there's anything over there to eat.

I'm not really in the mood for these greens right now.  I'd much rather find some friends.

Hey, you girls are sure pretty and I'd love to play with you, but I was hoping to find some of my pig friends around here.  I heard there was going to be a pig parade tomorrow and I didn't want to miss it.

Stay tuned.


  1. Lol! I just sent you pics of my pig - as well as posted pics on my blog. I apologize again for the last minute pictures. Looking forward to seeing all the pigs!

  2. I love it. I hope you explain how you did it. I love all the little wings. I can't wait to see all the pigs tomorrow.

  3. What a fantastic looking winged creation - really looking forward to reading about how you created it. We're sitting here trying to work it out. From a distance they look like leaves.

    Happy Birthday, by the way :D.

  4. I am so excited for this.. That is an awesome pig. I was running through Michaels the other day and they actually have a white ceramic flying pig in the garden section. It almost jumped in my cart but the line was super long so I have to go back..") Hey is it your birthday? Great job on coordinating all this.

  5. Many, many years ago (on my last blog - that got hacked to death) I had a stuffed pig that I photographed everywhere I went and it was the most fun I've ever had doing a blog. You just reminded me of it and, take her/him everywhere with you. It gets addictive.

  6. LOVE your pig's personality :) Can't wait to see him in further adventures!!!! :) He is beautiful!!!!


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