Friday, March 9, 2012

Philadelphia Flower Show 2012 - Hawaii

This was the welcoming entrance to the Philadelphia Flower Show at the Convention Center that HWNSNBP and I attended on Wednesday.  The theme is Aloha - Hawaii and depending on your computer, you will either see this with the lovely shade of deep blue that it was or purple.  (My laptop shows me the true color, but when I look at it from my work computer it is purple - bah!)

The ceramic koi below were quite effective swimming through this display.  (But at $80 a piece in the vendor area I just had to pass on them!)

Again with the blue and purple!  The glass cylinders at the base of this display were filled with blue water  and lit from below and the effect was heavenly. 

Got on my knees for this one.

I loved the white anthuriums in the rainbow-hued cylinders on this next display.  I don't recall ever seeing pure white anthuriums before.  They also had a splendid pink one I'll post at another time.

Several of the competition displays involved walls with niches.  They ranged in size and this was one of the entries from the medium niche category.  Those bubbles are suspended as is the curled matter. 

This wall was covered with leaf lettuce.  Talk about sustainable gardening!

Another competition area is for window displays.  This Art Supply Store window caught my eye.  I think they must have had Georgia O'Keefe working there at some point.

It was so hard taking pictures in the low-light inside and though I took about 4 or 5 of this next display, this is the only one that came out half decent.  It looked just like a lava pit - or what I would imagine a lava pit would look like as I haven't had the real experience.  It was a combination of red plant matter with lighting behind it against the black rock border - stunning.

This is only a portion of the pictures that I took, but we were very lucky to have been able to get in before the crowds came giving me the ability to take pictures without people in them.  

Thanks to my son for the Christmas present of the tickets and a school friend for the early-morning passes.  It was a lovely time.


  1. I'm seeing blue - but isn't it so frustrating when you see different colours yourself on two different screens and don't know what other people are seeing. That looks like a fascinating visit! The rainbow and the art supply store photo are my favourites - wouldn't you just love those drawers! I was reading a book recently about orchids, and the author had visited (and wrote about) a couple of the big plant shows. We don't have that sort of thing here - I really enjoyed seeing your pictures.

  2. I see some great card/photo opportunities here. Especially with the photo that has the bubbles inside. GAWJUS!

  3. I am in LOVE with that leaf lettuce wall!!!!!! How did they do that???? I would love to recreate something like that in the garden!!!!! Also loved the little drawers with the plant surprises inside! Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous pics Lorraine!

  4. This is something I would love. Your pictures are a great color on my screen. What a wonderful gift for the garden lover. :)


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