Wednesday, December 7, 2011

18 Days - Oh NO!

I heard an advertisement today that sent my head spinning.  Some chick was standing in front of a perfectly decorated holiday scene and exclaimed that she couldn't believe she had to wait another 18 days for Christmas to arrive.  Huh!  I, on the other hand feel, as usual, that I can use another 18 days plus!  I keep racking up projects to complete (or in some instances, start) and there just aren't enough hours in the day.  And just think that I already have my cards done!  I wish I could lose weight as easily as I lose time!

I may get to the Teapot Challenge later this week - it's a fun one and I will get to use it myself. But for now, I will quickly post some bluebird pictures which I was fortunate to snap on Sunday in our backyard and a card that I created for the mail lady at work.  Keep in mind that these bird pictures were shot through the kitchen window - which was crystal clear a week ago, but doesn't look it now.

There were four or five birds that came from the east side of the garden, checked out the nesting box while chasing each around and then left almost as quickly to the west.  I've noticed that the box at school has similar behavior going on.  I even checked inside that one last week because the birds kept going in and out and it was unseasonably warm here and there were pine needles in the bottom. 

I had been experimenting last month with some punched flowers, wetting the paper and scrunching it up and then leaving it to dry overnight.  I really like how they turned out so I decided to use this pink one on a card that I gave to our mail lady for her birthday this week.  Her favorite color is yellow so I knew that I wanted to have yellow on the card.  The large pink flower was sitting there and there were these little punched pink ones leftover from a previous project that I thought I could use.  I added the black to give it some more punch.

Okay, back to business. 


  1. Where do you get those punches that make the...uh...gee...I wish I could DRAW on here. But it's the bottom half of your card.

    I CLEANED MY CRAFT ROOM!! I was thinking: it's mine, so be it. But then I didn't want to GO IN THERE. Now I've got space for making....maybe a small

  2. Hi Lorraine!!!! LOVE your flower and your bluebird pictures!!!!! I am looking out my craft room window right now and there are 12 squirrels scavenging around!!!! It's like cirque du squirrele out there! Hope your December is going beautifully!!!! :)


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