Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Petal Scarf to Remember Dad

Some time ago I was doing some blog surfing and came across a project on a blog called annekata .  She had this somewhat easy but clever project that she created from t-shirts.  When I saw what she had done I remembered that my mother had, some time ago, given me a stack of colorful t-shirts that my father used to wear.  He loved vibrant colors and he also like these shirts and when he found something he liked, he usually had an assortment on hand.  I had them put away in my closet to use someday for a project long forgotten, or not really planned yet, and since I had just received my Stampin' Up order with my new circle dies in it, I thought that it was time to put these shirts to good use.

I carefully cut strips from the shirts starting at the bottom and used the 3" circle die to make about 28 die cut circles of two different colored blue t-shirts.  Then I matched some embroidery floss as close as I could to the colors I chose.

Using a circle of each color back-to-back, I laid them out slightly overlapping and off center and pinned them in place.  Then I took a nice sharp needle and two strands of floss and sewed them together with a running stitch.

You can see how the petals open up when you hold the scarf up giving it a nice effect.  Of course you can add as many circles as you would like to make this as long as you like.  The cotton t-shirt material is so nice and soft around the neck.  I don't think this will be very effective in cold weather outside, but it does make a pretty accent piece to wear. 

Let's see, I've got more shirts to choose from - coral, red, lime green, lavendar, and blue.  Maybe I can get started on some Christmas presents this spring!


  1. This is so pretty...and what a wonderful way to have your dad with you all day long!

  2. That looks so creative, and the blues are fabulous. A lovely way to use up something like that, too! C tends to wear things out till they're so faded that even he can't see any future for them. I'm sure these would be really appreciated as Christmas gifts - pity they wouldn't fit in with any of your Jingle Belles challenges.
    p.s. - your package arrived this morning :D. Sorry I didn't find time to reply to your email today, I will tomorrow for sure.


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