Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finches at the Feeder

The Finch family has been having a party at our feeder for the past couple of weeks.  They are a noisy bunch, but the noise is not unlike that of a large family gathering at the holidays.  The chatter and whistles and peeps just make you smile.

I took these pictures while I was cleaning out my car.  The vacuum didn't seem to bother them, but as soon as I walked around to the side closest to the feeder with my camera, they scattered.  So to get closer, I opened the windows and sat patiently in the car until they came back. 

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  1. How beautiful to see your finches - worth sitting in the car waiting for the photos. I tried leaving a comment on another card, but I got an error message, so I'm not sure if you get it or not! The Monarch photos are amazing too, that must have been quite some sight.
    Hope your tooth has been sorted out by now.


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