Saturday, August 28, 2010

This purple martin house is one of many that can be found surrounding the parking lot at the Cape May Lighthouse.  We ventured down there on Wednesday hoping the sun would come out and we were not disappointed.  It was so nice to be out in the sun and warmth with a lovely breeze.  I've been indulging myself during this vacation both with favorite food treats and mini shopping sprees.  In the outdoor mall in Cape May there is a frozen custard place where I got the usual vanilla and orange sherbert twist (and sampled the chocolate peanut butter too, YUM!).  I also bought some macaroons at the Nut House. 

I found some sand dollar and crab earrings and couldn't decide which to get so I got them both.   The Swedish shop yielded some little glass figurines and I got some shells and starfish at the novelty store at Sunset Beach.  I almost coaxed HWNSNBP into tea at the Butterfly Tea Room but we would have had to wait an hour and that was not on our schedule.  

By Thursday night the clouds had all but disappeared and we took a walk out to the dock.  As we were standing there, there was this strange reddish glow to the right of the lighthouse across the bay.  At first we thought it was the spray from fireworks but it didn't go away.  Then we kind of realized simultaneously that it was the moon rising over the ocean.  Not having my tripod with me this was the best of a series of quick snaps.

Friday night I was better prepared and had my tripod handy and I got the lighthouse as well as the moon.  As you can see it is a little past full stage.

In the morning we will embark on our annual crabbing trip with our friends.  We have teams this year and it's promising to be a fun day.  Go Team Blue!!!

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  1. Fsbulous photos Lorraine!! Please keep them coming! I am so enjoying reading of your adventures on the coast.And good for you for indulging a bit. :-) And crabbing!!! What fun! Can`t wait to hear all about it!! Hugs, Judi


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