Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Almost Full Moon Over the Bay

I brought my tripod with me hoping to get some good pictures of the August full moon but the weather hasn't cooperated.  It's been raining a lot.  This was taken Sunday night, and yes, it really was that blue.  The moon just seemed to appear out of nowhere.  I hope you can see the reflection on the water.  This was taken from the public dock across the street (without the tripod). 

We tried to do some fishing at the lighthouse, but the wind was not cooperating and the birds, oy, the birds were trying to grab the bait.  I was afraid we might snag one of them and we were getting wet so we didn't stay long.  Hopefully the rest of the week will see more sun.

This is a close-up of one of the pine trees behind our unit after the rain on Sunday.  The sun was setting behind them and they really looked bejeweled. 


  1. Beautiful moon shot lorraine!
    Barb L.

  2. Love the photo's! This one would make a pretty Christmas card or even post card!
    Well done!
    Sunshine NZ


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