Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Teapot Tuesday 66

Hey, did I ever tell you that our Teapot Queen lives in Colorado?  And you know what happened in Colorado lately, don't you?  You know, that little balloon launch, um, er, stunt.  Well, pair that with this week's teapot and you'll have our challenge for this week. 

It seems we're heading to the North Pole to give Santa a hand getting off the ground.  Go check it out..... go on...... I'll wait.  

Well, you see, I can be inspired by flying things too.  In fact, it was just a week ago that I had stayed up late to watch the World Series (GO YANKS!!!) and then got caught up in a stamping project - what else - so it was pretty darn late (some would say early) when I got to bed.  It was a hazy night and kind of spooky outside.  Put that together with the lateness, the closeness to Halloween, and being tired and something odd was about to happen. 

I climbed the stairs to our bedroom and before I even turned on the light I took a look out the window across from the bed.  There was an eerie pink glow in the sky and in the middle of it was a cigar-shaped object with white, red, and blue flashing lights moving very slowly across the horizon behind the trees.

Gasping and blinking my eyes I tried to focus on what I thought I was seeing.  Yes, it was there for real.  And it took me a little while to realize that no, it wasn't an airplane or a UFO.  It was, in fact, the blimp that had been covering the World Series game in New York returning to our local airport for mooring. 

So Santa (you did read Cindy's blog right?) here is another way to help you get around this Christmas. 

Aha, I bet you thought I was going to give him a flying pig!!!!   Not tonight.  But here's a really clever flying pig card from crazykim!  I love it!!!!

And my UFO close up.

This card by Michelle Zindorf was also an inspiration for my card.  I absolutely love her work.  Her tutorials are so easy to follow and I think I've gotten pretty good results.  (I did try that direct to paper card on her blog and I'll be posting that soon.)

So.... Live Long and Prosper, and drink tea from a teapot.


  1. OMG! How funny Lorraine! Its so cool to see the images in your mind transformed into paper! Hee! I never thought of a blimp for Santa but I honestly think that is a wonderful solution to his problem. I am just not sure how fast they travel, speed could be a problem. Maybe a bionic one though, yeah, that would work!

    How funny......See YOU are one of those that are inspired by what's happening in your world....

    I gotta tell you, I was sorta halfway expecting a flying pig from you but your card sure didn't disappoint! I love it......I am just glad it wasn't a real UFO and we would have to plan a tea party on ????????????? Ooh.....scary!!!

    Hugs to you. I have not been to you blog in so long I forgot how to get here! So sorry!

  2. This is terrific Lorraine. I have tried to create cards like this but they never seem to make it... LOL. I love your glitzy jeweled flying object.

  3. Hey Lorraine -
    Sick kids have kept me away from my usual blog stalking... I loved your story and of course how you interpreted it! Our direction from Michelle has really paid off - great card!!


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