Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Teapot Tuesday ?

Teapot Tuesday will be a little late this week.  I've been exhausted trying to deal with this bathroom remodel we're doing.  I know I shouldn't complain because it really is going to be beautiful when it's done, but we just haven't been able to catch a break with anything.

There was a problem with the tile, then the toilet was delivered in a million pieces.  We needed to special order the caulk to match the grout and the order was not placed by the store when they said they did it.  We ordered the closet door in the wrong size and had to reorder that.  Then we realized that we needed a smaller vanity and sink because the closet was slightly larger than it used to be.  They won't be in until the end of the month!

This weekend was supposed to be dedicated to painting.  Well, after three cans of paint (only one was actually used), it still isn't the right color.  Just look at the chips I've collected......

Yes, you could say that I'm a color coward sticking with the neutral color, but you can't really see the depth of most of the colors here.  The room is small and therefore I don't want to paint it too dark, but right now, it's too light.  So I will be masking and painting again this weekend.  I have to admit that it's a lot easier to paint while the toilet and sink are not in there, but it's almost like being held captive in a large plastic bag once you're done covering everything and the doorway!

I'm hoping to combine this week's Teapot Tuesday and Thursday's Throw Aways ..... provided I can find some energy somewhere!  Bear with me please.  


  1. Remolding!? I love remodeling (wee bit of sarcasm there). We've been in a remodeling mess for almost an entire year and the end isn't even in sight. Sigh

    Love the swap cards (post below) and I understand the frustrations and tiredness of remodeling. I'm just happy I'm not pregnant this time around when we hung drywall. LOL

  2. Even thought this comment says "JOE" I'm Dana from LIFE IS GOOD. My computer died and I'm using his.

    My bathroom is a tiny one, with black and white tile EVERYWHERE. I painted what little wall I had, white. What choice did I have?



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