Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sit Down Strike

I had to post this picture that I took yesterday after I saw what Sabrina had posted.  Check this out.  I think the deer of the world must have been having a sit down strike yesterday!

You can see the branches of the oak tree in the foreground are heavy with rain drops.  The deer sat out there in the rain for quite some time.

We were supposed to have been on the Lighthouse Challenge this weekend but the weather was really too nasty.  Rain and temperatures below 50° along with anticipated coastal flooding talked us into staying home.


  1. Coastal flooding sounds like a good reason to stay home, but a shame. We were so lucky with a sunny Friday and yesterday too, when we met my sister for a walk with her new puppy.
    Your deer are such a different colour! Looks as if you don't have to struggle with trying to get a picture that doesn't show the ear tags - being a managed herd in a city centre park, all ours have big yellow tags. It may help the researchers, but they sure are ugly.

  2. OH this makes me sooo homesick. We had a yard just like that and would have lots of deer this time of year.. They are hiding from the hunters.. Thanks for sharing...


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