Friday, November 16, 2018

A Little Behind......Nature Observations

I've had these pictures of the end of October/beginning of November just waiting for the narrative and almost forgot about them.  These were some of the last glimpses of autumn, like the giant dahlias that decided to finally bloom just before the first frost.  We did get a couple of blooms out of that plant before it succumbed to the weather.

HWNSNBP emptied all the annuals out of the flower pots and lined them up to be put away til next spring.  

While he was raking he found this woolly bear caterpillar all curled up in the pile of leaves.  Take note that the stripes on the caterpillar are very thin suggesting a severe winter.  

Something cool growing on the garden slate.


And yet closer.  (The inspiration for my DAY 30 drawing for INKTOBER.)

Catching a rainbow from nowhere.

And a rainbow sunset with a crescent moon.


  1. That moon photo is wow, and the lichen is beautiful. I've never seen a caterpillar like that before. It's not hard to imagine that with the mild autumn we've all had that wellw be paying for it over the winter.
    My nasturtiums only came out in October, way, way later than usual.

  2. I haven't seen a woolly bear in ages. I remember loving the feeling of them crawling up my arm when I was a many tickly little bits.


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