Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Jingle Belles - Christmas Bells

I'm sneaking in with this bell-laden creation today.  I apologize for the poor photo but the weather here has been less than perfect for picture taking of shiny things and there are some shiny things on this card.  Namely the bells, which were the required element of this fortnight's challenge.  But just so you know, the striped paper and the sentiment are also glittery.  That sentiment might have been better with the green glitter paper, but I was too tired last night to search it out.  (When I do the second one - and I do plan on doing a second one - I will try the green instead.)

I know.  Excuses, excuses.  But in my defense it is the last two weeks of school and we are one tent short of a three-ring circus right about now.  In fact, I think tomorrow I will pull out the red noses just to lighten the mood a little.  And then there's ICAD and Scribble Picnic - which I am happily fitting into these crazy days also.  So, I hope you bear (or is it bare? I can't grammar right now) with me for only having one simple "bell" card to share today.  

I will be heading over to view the lovely creations by the other Jingle Belles participants later this evening.  You can take a look also by clicking here.  


  1. Oh yes indeed it's the cruelest of crafty jokes that the very thing which makes a sparkly card so awesome to receive also makes it a BEAR to photograph! You've done really well here & of course the coolness of the card transcends the difficulty ❤❤❤

    1. Isn't that the pits though? Sometimes it's frustrating enough for the camera to pick up the right colors, let alone the sparkle!

  2. Your bell banner is fantastic ... so glad you helped us ring the bells at Jingle Belles.


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