Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Some October Cards

That beautiful "starry nightlike" background stamp again became the water in the ocean for two starfish who celebrated their 5th anniversary earlier this month.  

These next two cards I made using a new technique to me - Acrylic Batik.  I stamped the large sentiment onto heavy white cardstock with VersaMark ink and clear embossed it.  Then I took 3 colors of acrylic craft ink and spilt them on the paper randomly.  The next step was to use a credit card to spread the paint and blend it, but before I did that, I had a stamped two panels so I smushed them together face-to-face first to "share" the paint and then used the credit card on both.  

The only thing I didn't like was the hard shapes that some of the paint drips had made.  I don't know whether the paint soaked in too quickly, was too thick or what.  I still like them enough to use them, and honestly, unless I told you that it wasn't supposed to look like that I'm not sure anyone would know.  Anyhoo, I added a Dunkin' Donuts gift card to each of these and gave them to the ladies that run our Before School program because they were nice enough to stay a little later and monitor the incoming students the morning that we had our staff picture taken.  (The money came from what was left of what we collected for our opening day luncheon, not out of my pocket.) And they were the reason we could all smile that morning without worry.

A birthday card with some gourds and foliage against the birch bark wrapping paper I've been saving. I'm going to show you a similar card with a "sticky" tip soon.

These aren't cards but rather tags that I quickly made to go along with some gifts that my daughter-in-law was going to give to our grandson's teachers as he moves to the next room at his preschool.  The little charms say "Thanks for helping me grow" as the little acorn continues to do.  

Sorry to say I did not make one Halloween card this year.  But I've loved using the fall elements in these.  


  1. Hi Lorraine :) I love your autumn tags! And I have to say, that first card, the watery one, is gorgeous. I'm very big on water scenes and water art, and I especially love those colours. Very beautiful! :)

  2. Love the anniversary card in those beautiful sea colours. And the tags. I have to say that personally I have never had much luck with the acrylic batik. If I scrape the paint enough to show the resist, I usually end up causing even the heaviest card to pill. So I know it's not a technique for me - but I think your cards look gorgeous!


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