Monday, October 30, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Days 22-28

These first three were inspired by our dogwood tree and I still didn't get it right.  The colors are so intense much like what I see.  But the shape of the tree is wrong.  The branches are more layered  horizontally.   I didn't like seeing them in the first attempt, eliminated them from the second, and the third was just a concentration of the colors of the leaves and what was around it.

This combined the theme from Scribble Picnic - BOO.  I drew a bottle of BOOze.

I cheated with this one.  I had this drawing of the orchid in pencil and I inked it with a Micron Pigma intending to go back and add color, but I think I would rather color it with pencil instead of ink so that will wait until another time.

Not exactly pointillism - is there such a thing as dashism?

And this is just silliness - I found some new gel pens at the $Tree.  There are four of them in the set each with three different colored inks.  I think you can see the variegations in the colors in spirals.  The spaces were filled with black marker.  

Inktober will be over soon.


  1. Inktober looks like a lot of fun. I love the bottle of BOOze. Very clever!

  2. Enjoyed your art today, experimental and otherwise! Happy Halloween!


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